PHISE Logo 1st Workshop on Philosophical Foundations of Information Systems Engineering


Here you can find a brief summary of the results collected in the PHISE'05 survey

Attendants have rated some topics about the workshop holding and we show here the average results (0 - 5):
Organization Topics Covered Papers Quality Interest Overall
4.14 3.71 3.36 4.29 4.14
And some opinions given by the attendants about having new editions of PHISE:

Would you be interested in a new edition of PHISE Workshop?
  • "Sure, is an opportunity for researchers ideas interchange..."
  • "Yes, I am interesting in the new PHISE workshop. It is important for designing useful IS..."
  • "Of course, its a different space to propose and discuss about questions that go beyond technical subjects..."
  • "Yes, I would like to participate again in a new edition of PHISE workshop..."
  • "Yes, but consider the posibility of 2 days workshop..."
  • "Of course I will be interested on another edition and I even encourage organizers to organize it..."