Working Groups
Scientifics Fields
of Competence
algebra, analysis and geometry            
algebra and geometry       URJC    
computer algebra            
non-linear analysis            
combinatorics (2000 MSC 05)            
combinatorics UPC          
graph theory UPC          
number theory (2000 MSC 11)            
number theory and security            
differential equations (2000 MSC 33-35)            
applied analysis of partial differential equations         UMA  
non-linear systems in physics, life sciences and the environment       URJC UMA  
special functions            
control and system theory (2000 MSC 49/93)            
control and system theory            
stochastics (2000 MSC 60/62)            
classification       URJC    
probability and statistics            
statistical informatics            
stochastic analysis and finance            
stochastic geometry            
numerical mathematics (2000 MSC 65)            
non-linear systems in physics, life sciences and the environment       URJC    
parallel software for implicit differential equations         UMA  
numerical analysis of partial differential equations         UMA  
hardware (2000 ACM B)            
evolvable hardware            
microwave and radio frequency circuits       URJC    
silicon systems            
storage architectures            
video       URJC    
software (2000 ACM D)            
adaptive programs and systems            
component based programming   UPV     UMA  
constraint programming UPC UPV IIIA   UMA  
coordination languages   UPV     UMA  
distributed and parallel systems   UPV   URJC UMA  
domain specific languages   UPV        
embedded systems   UPV     UMA  
interactive software and systems   UPV        
operating systems   UPV        
real time and high performance programming   UPV     UMA  
standards       URJC    
software optimisation   UPV     UMA  
software renovation   UPV        
software specification, analysis and testing UPC UPV   URJC UMA  
structured documentation       URJC    
trace analysis   UPV        
theory of computation (2000 ACM F)            
computer arithmetic            
concurrency   UPV   URJC UMA  
correctness proofs and verification   UPV     UMA  
cryptography, complexity and security   UPV   URJC UMA  
DNA computing            
formal methods   UPV     UMA  
fuzzy logics     IIIA URJC    
neurocomputing         UMA  
quantum computing       URJC    
mathematics of computing (2000 ACM G)            
numerical analysis         UMA  
mathematical software for differential equations            
information systems (2000 ACM H)            
coding, indexing and retrieval   UPV   URJC    
data mining   UPV     UMA  
design and analysis of dependable systems            
(cultural) information systems   UPV   URJC    
geographical information systems   UPV        
knowledge management   UPV        
man machine interaction   UPV   URJC    
multimedia databases   UPV   URJC UMA  
telematics in transportation and logistics   UPV     UMA  
computing methodologies (2000 ACM I)            
autonomous systems UPC UPV IIIA      
dual dynamics            
evolutionary algorithms       URJC UMA  
facial and physically based computer animation       URJC    
hypertext and hypermedia   UPV   URJC    
image analysis   UPV   URJC    
information visualisation       URJC    
language engineering UPC UPV   URJC    
machine learning UPC UPV IIIA      
requirements engineering   UPV   URJC UMA  
reverse engineering   UPV   URJC UMA  
robotics and intelligent vehicles   UPV IIIA      
speech   UPV        
visualisation and virtual reality   UPV   URJC    
computer applications (2000 ACM J)            
bio-informatics   UPV   URJC UMA  
business process modelling   UPV        
computerised help to handicapped            
computer music and cognitive musicology     IIIA      
decision support systems   UPV        
medical informatics     IIIA
production informatics            
aerospace engineering            
life sciences            
fluid dynamics (2000 MSC 76)            
fluid dynamics            
electromagnetism (2000 MSC 78)            
applied electromagnetism            
operations research (2000 MSC 90)            
optimisation       URJC    
information and communication technology            
applied information technology   UPV   URJC    
communication networks            
digital, VLSI and microelectronics technologies       URJC    
(advanced) ICT applications and technology            
digital libraries   UPV   URJC    
computer supported co-operative working   UPV     UMA  
e-commerce     IIIA
IP protocols, routing and real time services            
mobile and wireless computing   UPV     UMA  
network architecture and management         UMA  
radio technology            
World Wide Web            
community Web portals       URJC    
DataWeb   UPV   URJC UMA  
WWW applications   UPV   URJC UMA  
WWW future   UPV   URJC UMA